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    At Five Star, we have an industry leading four-step process. It ensures our Florida Blues are not only of the highest quality blueberries from season to season, but that they're handled with care and meet all Food and Safety Regulations. We leave no doubt you can trust our product is safe for even the little mouths in your family.


    Each season requires a hefty amount of planning and preparation across the different phases of the farm. We are daily managing the farm based on climate changes and weather patterns.

    Once the Harvesting Season (End of Feb. to end of May) is complete we begin our process for the next year. Plants are cut back as blueberries grow on new branches. We begin our rigorous fertilizer program that continues throughout the summer and into early fall. This program is crucial for maximum growth. During Mid-September we halt the fertilizer and allow the plants to slow down and use up all the available nutrients that are left.

    Beautiful flowers begin to bud on developed plants from mid-to late October. With this budding the plants begin to grow dormant as the weather cools throughout the winter.


    In January, we ramp up our fertilizer program again which promotes flowers, berries and leaf sprouting. Slowly we begin to see fruit appear.

    Bees are brought in to help pollinate the flowers for further stimulus to the plant.


    March starts the coloring up process once the berries start to go to a dark blue color. At this time we slowly  begin to harvest allowing the plants to fully develop. Our harvesting season is typically completed around the middle of April.


    The harvested berries are cooled down to 54 degrees, are stored in our cold storage facility, and are getting ready to be packaged. We run the berries thru several packing machines to size, check color, and cull (remove) any berries not ready to go to market. They are packaged in several different size containers depending on what each super Market is currently wanting for their store.

    Our Florida Blues are then shipped out within 24 hours to local super markets for consumers to purchase and take home and enjoy.

    Florida is very lucky to have some of the most premier blueberries in the world.