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    The Knapp Family’s origination was in farming in southeastern Michigan. In the 1860’s our great great grandfather left the area and fought for the Union in the Civil War. He was captured in a battle outside of Gettysburg and then taken to a confederate prison camp in Southern Georgia.

    At the end of the war, Frederick settled in Monroe, Michigan where he purchased land that became the original Knapp Family Farm. Frederick and his wife had 5 sons and 3 daughters. The farm was made up of livestock and field crops such as soy beans, field corn, sugar beets and tomatoes.

    Our great grandfather, Otto Emil Knapp took the reigns of the original family farm in the early 1900’s where he and our great grandmother had two sons, Vernon and Ellsworth. In the mid 1920’s Vernon , our grandfather, met and married Clara Coutcher, our Grandmother.

    Our grandparents had two sons; Merlyn and Donald. Our grandparents worked on the Monroe farm until the early 1950’s. At that time they acquired another neighboring farm and both Merlyn and Don each operated those farms. Vernon diversified his work between farming and real estate sales and development. Farming was such a strong passion with our grandfather that he and our grandmother moved in and out of the original family farmhouse 4 different times and each time they vacated it was for another family member.

    The farm was designated a Centennial Farm, indicating it was owned by the same family for over 100 years. In 1970, Merlyn and Don and their families sold the Monroe, Michigan farm and moved to Auburndale, Florida to pursue the land development opportunities.

    Over the next 40 years our families have worked together building residential communities, including an 18 hole championship golf course. Growing and maintaining 150 acres of golf course turf fit well with our farming background.

    In January 2011, we attended a land auction of 250 acres with the intentions of finding 20 acres to grow blueberries. There were 11 contiguous parcels that formerly made up the Polk Nursery property that were being sold. As the auction progressed, we had enough family decision makers in attendance to determine the land was a great buy in a good location and ultimately we purchased the entire 250 acre parcel.

    Today, the property has been transformed into a new state of the art blueberry farm with nearly 80 acres planted and the balance permitted for future expansion. Our blueberry farm features both open field growing as well as inside structure shade house and green house growing. We’ve partnered a newly constructed packing facility capable of packing in excess of 4 million pounds of berries with Alpine Fresh.

    Alpine Fresh is a world renowned marketer of fruits and vegetables. Together we plan to pack for quality berry farmers throughout Central Florida.