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    2014 U-Pick is Officially Closed for the season!

    Thank you to everyone who partcipated and we hope you enjoy each and every blueberry. Follow 'Uncle Bill's' Blueberry Recipes here to see how you can make delicious foods with your new batch.

    There is nothing like coming to the Five Star Family Farm and picking your own blueberries in the Spring. Not only do we provide some of the most plump blueberries your tastebuds will have ever had, but the juiciest. They will be the highlight any recipe and will leave your friends asking you 'What's your secret?'.

    Our U-pick season typically ranges between mid April to the beginning of June. However, our blueberries are in high demand and we cannot guarantee there will be any around toward the end of our season.
    So load up the kids, your significant other, your friends, or even your students and enjoy a relaxing time out at our blueberry farm.


    * Wear a hat or cap and be sure to bring sunscreen.
    * Dress comfortably and wear loose fitted clothing. Florida isn't exactly known for its cool temperatures
    * If you are going to spend the day, please feel free to bring a pack lunch or even a picnic spread for lunch.  
       You will also want to bring coolers and ice to keep your berries cool throughout the day.
    * Only select firm ripe berries and stick to the same plant until all have been picked.
    * When picking, be careful to not remove the skin on the top of the berry.
    * You are more than welcome to bring your own buckets and bags or feel free to use options we provide

    Click here for directions
    to the Five Star Family Blueberry Farm.
    *End of the season will be determined by the quality of the fruit but we will definitely be going through the end of May