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    Turkey Sandwiches with Blueberry Mayo 

    High Bush Blueberry CouncilRecipe by Lyubomira Lsl, Cooking LSL

    These turkey sandwiches with blueberry mayo are an easy way to put a twist on a classic lunch and a great way to use up those leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner. The tangy sweetness of the mayo added to the heartiness of the meat make turkey sandwiches with blueberry mayo an ideal holiday staple.


    Blueberry Sauce Ingredients

    • 4 cups frozen blueberries, unthawed
    • 1⁄2 cup sugar
    • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
    • Zest from 1 lemon
    • 1 teaspoon cornstarch

    Blueberry Mayo Ingredients

    • 1 cup light mayonnaise
    • 1⁄2 cup blueberry sauce

    Turkey Sandwich Ingredients

    • 8 ounces oven roasted turkey or ham
    • 8 slices Pumpernickel of other whole grain bread of your choice
    • 4 leaves romaine lettuce (can substitute mixed greens or arugula for peppery taste)

    Blueberry Sauce Instructions

    1. In deep saucepan over medium high heat, cook blueberries, sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest for 15 – 20 minutes.
    2. Add cornstarch and mix well.
    3. Thin sauce with water if it appears too thick.
    4. Store in an air­tight container in the fridge until ready to use (or up to 7 days).

    Blueberry Mayo Instructions

    1. In a bowl, mix together 1 cup light mayonnaise and 1⁄4 cup chilled blueberry sauce.

    Turkey Sandwich Instructions

    1. Spread some of the blueberry mayonnaise on one side of all bread slices.
    2. Add 3 turkey slices per sandwich; top with lettuce and fresh blueberries, if desired. Top with other slice of bread.
    3. Cut in half for bigger sandwiches or into quarters for party style sandwiches.


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